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Our gamers tribute to ZCMI

ZGDI stands for Zion Game Designers International. Our name and logo are an homage to ZCMI – which, as a business, was both uniquely LDS and American in their purest forms. We are all game designers who just also happen to be LDS. We are a loose Co-Operative of individuals who have banded together to promote the development of LDS themed games.

Moroni Meeple Icon WHY WE EXIST

A perfect storm is gathering in the LDS gaming world. The LDS populace is beginning to become aware of the vast opportunities for non-video gaming out in the world. The current market outside of the big box stores is becoming dominated by the Eurogame – a game that carries a theme and has multiple layers of strategy. In Europe, games of this style sell in the hundreds of thousands of copies easily, because people and families there prefer the human interaction that only board games can provide. As the LDS community naturally gravitates in this direction, they are looking for something with a little more meat than the children’s games they played when very young. They want something they can share with their older children and their peers. LDS publishers are also beginning to sense this as more LDS publishers begin to look for LDS themed games that are different and unique enough to capture the attention of the LDS Bookstore client.

Unfortunately, at this time, the most successful mainstream model of game design presentation that produces the games that publishers seek does not exist in the LDS world. In the mainstream world, designers pack up their prototypes and sell sheets and present themselves at Essen in Germany, The World Toy Fair in New York or the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas. Publishers are treated to demonstrations they can participate in, meet and question designers, sign exclusive contracts on the spot, make contacts, grab sell-sheets and make informed decisions based on personal interaction and direct observation.

We hope to bring this less restrictive and more personal presentation model to the LDS publisher to give them the edge we feel they deserve. We are LDS and we would like to see our community enjoying the same quality of game design that everyone else does.


Members of the ZGDI all agree that games presented by members of the Co-Op that bear the ZGDI shield will have been professionally evaluated by the other members of the group and judged as ‘Ready For The Box’. We are willing to put our professional reputations in each other’s hands. Any game designed by a member that bears the ZGDI shield is your guarantee that this game is Ready For The Box. Such games will not be ideas that need to be fleshed out, playtested or developed. Any publisher who decides to produce a game presented with the ZGDI Seal of Approval will only have to worry about two things –

  1. How do I convince the designer to let me have it? and
  2. Where do I get it printed?

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